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I have dedicated myself to sharing the art of American Ju Kwon Do (fusion of Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Judo) and aspects of Xingyiquan Kung Fu as well as other arts.  I cultivate a strong desire in our students to explore their spiritual connection and expression to the world community using Martial Arts as a medium. I believe that Martial Arts are best practiced within a context of personal integrity, community-oriented mentality, and genuine Artistic creativity through life and its challenges. Martial Arts is but one "Tool" but my first favorite tool of awakening!  Massage Therapy, 


Working with me here's some of what I can help you with:


*Have you ever had a feeling like you've hit a wall in your life and know deep down you've got more "In the basement" within?


*Fed up with the old competitive strife energy you feel in day to day interactions and interested in learning a new way to Be that's authentic to you?


*Feeling an energy block and you are ready to move it out of your way?


*Ever gotten that excited feeling when you've seen shows or movies like the Rocky training scenes or watching UFC fights?


*Want to learn practically how to defend yourself or know a family member who does and is willing to learn?


*Do you love creating multiple forms of moving art in order to one day soon create your own fusion?



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Akeem Sami'

6th degree Dan Black              Belt in American Ju Kwon Do(belt# 211)

             under the

AL Francis Karate Organization 


Contact info:

ph#:‪(512) 537-8573‬



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