Martial Arts classes

Take part in Master Akeem's customized fusion martial arts class!  He combines his trainings in American Ju Kwon Do, Xingyi Gong Fu, Yoga, meditation and more!

Massage Therapy

Enjoy a relaxing massage therapy session!  Akeem uses his skills learned from Lauterstein Conway Massage School and Clinic.  He employs techniques in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic and more! Click learn more for more info.

Energy Healing

Akeem is both a licenced Shamanic Practitioner and Pranic Healing facilitator.  Click Learn more for details

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Martial Arts Class types:

Martial Arts Programs we offer:



Chi Building classes


Basic individual self-defense skills


Women's self-defense strategies


Children's self-defense strategies


Kickboxing and Martial tournament training





Martial Arts Experience:


formal experience:
          5th degree Black Belt  #211  Al Francis Karate Organization Black belt since                  1996.   
           Xingyiquan Gong Fu (since 2010)  
           Long Fist (Shaolin related Art) 


other arts trained/exposure to:

Informal experience:


Wrestling/basic grappling (since 1989)

         Hatha Yoga


other arts touched on:



Martial art weapons training in:








Akeem Sami'

5th degree Dan under

AL Francis Karate Organization Black Belt # 211

(since 1996)

Phone: 210-326-2129


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Master Akeem is in the process of sharing his dynamism, diverse wisdom and unique life experiences in his Autobiography!  Details coming soon!   

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